Penny Skateboards are in! Affordable, good quality and impossible to break (unless you really try to..)

My fav is definetely the tie-dye!

We’re one of the very few online store to have in stock the brand new Penny collection, including the Holiday Series and the Pastel Series. I am seriously in love with that polka dot on the right!

Shop them now, shipping’s free all across Canada!

You can now customize your own PENNY SKATEBOARD online! We have a wide selection of decks, trucks, wheels and accessories. Be creative. (we’ll assemble it for you free of charge). See the special section online.

We restcoked a couple of Penny Skateboards yesterday! Complete cruisers, wheels, trucks and griptape are available. See the full selection online.

We got them! Brand new arrival of Penny Skateboards! 9 colorways of Original 22” and 3 colorway of Nickel 27”. Click HERE to view the full section.

Skate with style at night! We have two Glow in the Dark complete cruisers in stock. The Globe Bantam Globe in the Dark and Penny Skateboard Original Glow/Orange.