Oh yeah! Les Tournous sont de retour avec le Vol. 2
Toujours sur une note humoristique et avec des gros trucs, les gars continuent à nous donner le gout de voir le prochain clip!

Electric sunglasses are handmade in Italy and designed by one of the industry’s best designer Kip Arnette.

Melanin is a lense technology created by Electric and the goal is to protect you as much as possible from harmful UV sunrays. On top, the company offers a lifetime warranty on all their sunglasses, something to consider if you’re looking for a new pair!

Check out the selection:



Kimmy Fasani’s Amusement Park took place at Mammoth and this is the result. A feature built and design by women for women with the sole purpose to make women snowboarding progress.

True to their original style, the new Neff Headwear collection has super bright colors to put sunshine in any rainy day!

Check it out!

Huge arrival of the very sought after Primitive Skateboards by Paul Rodriguez.

Check out the new shapes, and who knows maybe it will help you have the same style as P-Rod!

Penny Skateboards are in! Affordable, good quality and impossible to break (unless you really try to..)

My fav is definetely the tie-dye!

Check out the whole new Converse featuring the Converse Cons!

Check out the whole new Converse featuring the Converse Cons!

Check out our new Gelato Collection for women! Treat yourself to one exquisite design with great new spring colors and show your love for your favorite shop!

The new collab Vans X Star Wars! Available soon.